Transportation and Storing of Venom

Iyophilized venom is packaged in vacuum sealed vial glass of 100mg, 500mg and 1g. Other bigger vials are available which are used to package huge orders.

Just like the ‘Blood cold Chain’ which is the framework for putting away and moving blood and blood parts so they are kept at the right temperature. Venom is stored in the same way in a low and consistent temperature to enable it doesn’t loose its component and stored in small covered test tubes.

For that of the horseshoe crab blood it is stored in the same way with absolute care to enable it still keep its cells and tissues ready for any medical process it has to go through.


We package our products in vacuum sealed vials to enable them not loose its original value with time. We try as much as possible to put the substances in conditions that won’t cause cells and tissues not to denature with time.


We have a network that can deliver this products worldwide very discreetly at a delivery time of 5-7 business days but for deliveries within USA it will take 3-4 business days from when we confirm your order and payments. Orders shall not be shipped without payment confirmation. Once we are done with your delivery registration we shall forward the receipt containing your tracking information issued to us by the delivery company we are working with.

Contingent upon the kind of sack utilized the timeframe of realistic usability goes from 35-42 days. Entire blood ought to be used. The temperature under 10 degree C, if the room temperature is more noteworthy than 25 degree C or on the other hand in case there is plausible that blood won’t be bonded inside 30 minutes. Venom is similarly the same but last longer than the Horseshoe Crab Blood. The venom utilization time frame can go from 45-60 days. It has to be stored under a consistent temperature of between 6-8 degree C.